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Authors & Contributors

Authors & Contributors

The Online Safety Guide was written for GetNetWise by Lawrence J. Magid - parent, journalist, & online safety expert. Dr. Magid is the founder of SafeKids.Com & SafeTeens.Com. Other major contributors to the GetNetWise Safety resources include Laurie Lipper, Director of The Children's Partnership , Parry Aftab, Director of WiredPatrol, Nika Herford, Ron (last name withheld because of age -- 16), an associate producer at OpenVoice, and Ruben Rodriguez & Kathy Free of The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Anne Collier of NetFamilyNews served as an overall editor to the project.

The material in the guide to Internet use tools for families was developed by the Internet Education Foundation and Center for Democracy and Technology staff and interns. The staff sought information about such tools using the Technology Inventory and the Parents, Educators & Software Publishers lists of tools as a starting point. We also searched for information using many additional online resources, and sent out a survey to the over 200 products or services we were able to locate. Review our criteria.

Recognizing and Reporting Trouble Online was developed with assistance from The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Parry Aftab and Nancy Savitt of WiredPatrol, many of the experts who worked with GetNetWise on the Online Safety Guide, and the GetNetWise Steering Committee.

Our recommended sites for kids and families online is still under construction. Our Advisory Board is in the process of developing criteria for determining whether or not a site promotes safe and educational or entertaining experiences for kids, and finding and organizing such sites. In the meantime, we've provided links to material produced by our corporate sponsors and four collections of material organized by recognized experts in the area: The Children's Partnership, The American Library Association, WiredPatrol, and Enough is Enough.

Our Glossary was developed with assistance from The Children's Partnership, and the Commercial Internet eXchange.

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