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Safety Tips for Kids

Here are some Safety Tips to help kids online. Talk about these tips with your family. You might have one or two of your own to add!

  • Don't give out information about yourself like your last name, your phone number, where you live, or where you go to school - without asking your parents first.
  • Never e-mail a picture of yourself to strangers.
  • If somebody says something to you, sends you something, or you see something that makes you uncomfortable, don't look around or explore; get your parents instead - they know what to do.
  • Making plans to meet your Internet buddies in real life is usually a really bad idea - how people are in real life can be very different from how they are online. If you decide to do it anyway, have your Mom or Dad help make the plans and go with you.
  • Don't open up e-mails, files, or Web pages that you get from people you don't really know or trust.
  • Don't ever give out your password, except to responsible adults in your family.
  • Always follow your family's rules for the Internet - they're there to make sure you have fun and stay safe online.
  • Don't ever do anything that could cost your family money unless your parents are there to help you do it.

For additional resources, check out SafeKids.Com's Kids' Rules.

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