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Sites Directed at Children

What Sites Are "Directed at Children"?

It's important to know when the Pre-Teen privacy rules apply and when they don't. Remember, they only apply to "commercial" Web sites (usually sites that have a .com domain name). A Web site (or a section of a larger Web site) probably is considered "directed to children" if the Web site caters to children or is likely to attract children to it. The Federal Trade Commission has suggested several characteristics that would make a site directed at children:

  • Subject matter of the site (e.g. Dinosaurs, Pokemon),
  • Visual or audio content (e.g. Bright colors or playful sounds attractive to children),
  • Language (e.g. Written for a child's comprehension level),
  • Information regarding the age of the actual or intended audience (e.g. Language such as "kids click here" or "just for kids"),
  • Animated characters or other child-oriented features.
  • The Web site asks for your child's age when collecting personal information. If the Web site asks for personal information from your child and allows them to select an age under 13, then it is considered "directed at children" and must handle information about children under 13 according to the Pre-Teen rules.
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