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Kids Guide for Privacy Online

  • If I want to give out or type in information about myself online, I will first show my parents - even if it's to enter a game or contest.
  • I will only respond to emails or instant messages from people I know (or from addresses I know).
  • If I receive an email or IM that makes me uncomfortable or I think is weird, I not respond and will show my parents or my teacher.
  • If a Web site asks me to type in my name, address, email and hobbies, I will ask my parents first if it's OK.
  • If someone I met online wants to meet me in the real world, I will tell my parents first.
  • If a Web site asks for my parents' email address so that they can seek their permission for me to enter a game or provide my personal information, I will always provide my parents' correct information.
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