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Pre-Teens and Privacy

Parents of pre-teens must always be notified when a Web site wishes to collect or has collected personal information from their children. This is called notice. Almost without exception, those Web sites should get your parental permission before they can use a child's personal information collected online. The law calls this "consent" and it's really the same as "permission."

Three Steps to Protecting Your Pre-Teen's Privacy

1. Surf With Your Kids and Seek Out Privacy Policies

Surf with your children and proactively look for "Privacy Policies" on the Web sites that your kids visit most. The information contained in these Privacy Policies are truly empowering for parents and should you with the much of the information you need to protect your child and safeguard their personal information.

2. Look for Notice From Web Sites

Web sites will send parents a notice informing you that they wish to collect your child's personal information. Again, the Web site needs the parents' permission before they may collect and use a child's personal information -- with a few common sense exceptions. See step three below on giving permission.

  • Ensure that you will always receive these notices and what they contain.

3. Parental Permission is Paramount: Parents are in control!

You, as a parent, are in control of your child's personal information!

  • Learn how to evaluate whether to give permission, how to prove that you are the parent and whether your permission can be revoked at any time.
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